Thanx, a leading provider of customer engagement and retention tools for retailers and restaurants, announced it has been selected by both PINCHO and by CHLOE. to provide an upgraded mobile app experience complete with personalized marketing, promotions and native online ordering to restaurant customers nationwide.

Now live, the new PINCHO app offers a truly best-in-class native experience, including a highly visual owned ordering flow that puts PINCHO’s menu front-and-center. In partnership with Olo, the new experience makes it easy for customers to explore the menu, view and redeem applicable rewards, and checkout in a few simple steps.

Consumers will automatically earn rewards on both online and in-store transactions whenever they use the same payment card..

The new platform also provides both brands with the opportunity to build stronger relationships with customers through Thanx’s robust self-service targeted campaigns, real-time private channel feedback and automated, flexible loyalty programs.

“The transition from our previous app to the Thanx platform has been completely seamless for our customers and brings a best-in-class, comprehensive solution that allows us to better connect and engage with our guests,” says Otto Othman, CEO at PINCHO. “We are thrilled to introduce a simple, frictionless engagement program for our guests that tracks their rewards automatically with any purchase, allowing us to better cater to their preferences.”

Similarly, Thanx is also providing its superior app experience to plant-based restaurant chain by CHLOE. The restaurant brand was looking to upgrade its app experience to offer a more robust reward program with full CRM functionality, in addition to ordering with Brandibble via Thanx’s extensive loyalty APIs.

“We want to take our customer engagement to the next level and Thanx’s platform is best in class,” adds Patrik Hellstrand, CEO at by CHLOE. “Our new app will allow us to deliver highly personalized rewards and communications to our customers based on their activity in our stores, ultimately leading to more frequent visits.”

“We are thrilled to welcome PINCHO and by CHLOE. to our rapidly growing family of elite emerging brands on Thanx,” says Thanx CEO and founder, Zach Goldstein. “The world is changing for restaurants and it is no longer an option to rely on untargeted, generic marketing or to deliver clunky digital ordering experiences. Thanx integrates delightful native ordering with the most seamless CRM and loyalty offering on the market to help restaurants better engage and retain their best customers and find more like them.”

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