The beloved Miami-born burger and kebab sensation PINCHO is bringing indulgent, flavorful combinations to every table this season with the limited-time Quesadilla Burger, a fresh and cheesy twist on classic comfort food.

This latest innovation to the concept’s bold menu consists of PINCHO’s superior-quality beef patty topped with queso fresco, guacamole, pico de gallo and crema — all served between two cheese quesadillas to deliver an explosion of taste with every bite. For the entire month of May, guests can indulge in this savory blend of rich flavors for just $10.

“We’re excited to kick off the summer by introducing a unique and unforgettable dish for our guests,” says PINCHO co-founder Otto Othman. “The Quesadilla Burger is the perfect example of our goal to wow guests with dynamic, one-of-a-kind flavors and leave them craving more.”

Famous for its mouthwatering burgers, kebabs (aka pinchos), fried cheese, and bowls, PINCHO quickly went from an insiders’ secret obsession to a popular local hot spot across South Florida. The brand has since expanded to Houston, Texas, with four locations in the region and plans to expand further.

PINCHO has won the hearts and taste buds of families, foodies and industry pros in its 14-year history — in addition to winning several accolades over the years for its daring take on Latin and Mediterranean cuisine. It was honored as the first Miami brand to ever win Burger Bash at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival, competing against brands all over the country. It is also a five-time winner of Burgerliscious and earned a top spot in Yelp’s Best Burger Spot in America.

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