Industry News | January 9, 2011

Pinkberry to Launch New Blood Orange LTO Flavor

To kick off the new year, Pinkberry introduced a limited-time-only flavor that will ignite taste buds with a citrusy and sweet explosion—Blood Orange Pinkberry. This new flavor can also be enhanced with featured toppings, including blood orange slices, fresh blood orange puree, and a crisp waffle cookie.

Now in peak season, blood oranges are less acidic than other oranges and have raspberry and strawberry flavor overtones.

Blood Orange Pinkberry and paired toppings will be available in all Pinkberry stores by January 14.

Pinkberry Take Home containers also let customers stock up and bring the sweet and tangy Blood Orange Pinkberry home to enjoy whenever the craving strikes.


All of you potential PinkBerry and Red Mango owners better do some searching of the history of TCBY!

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