Pinkberry Serves Up First Dairy-Free Product

    Industry News | April 29, 2015

    Following the growing popularity of dairy-free offerings, Pinkberry frozen yogurt is introducing its first dairy-free product Friday, May 1.

    Over the past year, the brand has been testing dairy-free options to provide customers with a simple, better-for-you dairy alternative among its line of frozen yogurt flavors.

    “The voice from the consumers to provide a dairy-free product was getting louder, so we decided to act quickly and stay ahead of the curve to respond to this emerging trend,” says Laura Jakobsen, senior vice president of marketing for Pinkberry.

    The new soft-serve product is offered in a Tropical Mango flavor and is made from five ingredients: fruit, fruit juice, water, citric acid, and natural flavors. Each medium cup provides three full servings of fruit and has no added sugar, a fact Jakobsen says makes the item an especially compelling choice for health-conscious customers. Pinkberry is also touting the new flavor’s high vitamin A and C content.

    While dairy-free options are already on the market, Jakobsen says that Pinkberry wanted to create a product with a nutritional profile that will stand out from the competition.

    “We didn’t want to just do dairy-free,” she says. “We really evaluated trends and decided to not have any artificial or processed ingredients in the new item as well. Pinkberry was founded on having better-for-you options, so we’re just adding more choices to our portfolio.”

    In the second phase of testing within Pinkberry stores, Jakobsen says customers responded well to the Tropical Mango flavor and recognized the real fruit flavors in the soft-serve product.

    “It’s a choice we know our customers are looking for,” Jakobsen says. “It’s a way to be responsive to our consumers as quickly as we can be, and provide a level of customizability that hasn’t been available before.”

    The Tropical Mango flavor will be available at Pinkberry locations nationwide this Friday for customers to sample and provide feedback.  


    By Emily Byrd