To celebrate the start of the new year, Pinkbox Doughnuts is unveiling not one Doughnut of the Month, but four. The lineup of crullers, a modern interpretation of a French choux pastry, features a soft, airy texture that is frosted to perfection. The swirly doughnuts are an undeniably delicious treat perfect for any occasion. The flavors include:

  • Chocolate Swirly – chocolate frosted French cruller
  • Maple Swirly – maple frosted French cruller
  • Strawberry Swirly – strawberry frosted French cruller
  • Vanilla Swirly – vanilla frosted French cruller


New Year’s

Say goodbye to 2021 and celebrate like no other with Pinkbox Doughnuts. Load up the dessert table with these exciting additions that will be available from December 27 – January 3:

  • New Year’s PEE-WEEZ – Glazed vanilla cake bites with New Year’s sprinkles
  • New Year’s Pooh – Chocolate cake topped with chocolate mousse, covered with chocolate icing, candy décor and dressed up in a tuxedo with New Year’s décor
  • New Year’s DoughCro – White frosted DoughCro topped with New Year’s sprinkles
  • New Year’s Diva – White frosted chocolate cake topped with New Year’s sprinkles
  • New Year’s Bar – Maple frosted raised bar topped with New Year’s décor and sprinkles
  • New Year’s Vegan – Chocolate frosted vegan shell topped with 2022 décor, New Year’s sprinkles and filled with homemade raspberry jam
  • New Year’s Ring – Chocolate frosted raised ring topped with New Year’s sprinkles
  • Chocolate Clock – White frosted raised shell topped with clock décor and filled.
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