Nour Rabai, founder and CEO of PITA Mediterranean Street Food is a restaurant industry expert with a keen sense of industry trends and how to grow his company. Rabai has seen several trends in the real estate market as he continues to grow his franchise. Rising costs are a concern, and the PITA team tries to keep expenses manageable for current and potential franchisees.

“We are trying to find ways to simplify our concept to reduce the rising costs for our franchisees,” says Rabai. He notes that the team tries to use less expensive materials for new buildouts and creates more simplicity in the kitchen with a smaller amount of equipment.

“We focus on the rent structure during the lease negotiations. Then, we work with franchisees and landlords on tentative improvement dollars, which they get after they open a location,” states Rabai.

The PITA team makes sure that franchisees are placed in a decent, low rent structure so the pressure of the rent does not affect them on a monthly basis.  

Rabai notes that he has also remained focused on expanding into food halls. “This is our go-to play as we continue to grow the brand. We have seen great success with a smaller footprint. Most locations are 400-600 square feet, and we do the same sales as brick-and-mortar locations.”

PITA Mediterranean Street Food is slated to open four locations by the end of 2022. In 2023, Rabai hopes to open 10-15 locations with the majority in the Southeast. If you would like to hear more about the innovative ways that Rabai and his team at PITA continue to expand through the latest real estate trends, please let me know.

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