Pita Pit Asking Customers to Vote for Flavor

    Industry News | November 4, 2016

    In the throes of what has proven to be a tumultuous election, flavor lobbyists, Pita Pit, attempt to break through the clutter with a taste of timely humor. On November 3, Pita Pit released the first of two presidential campaign style videos on Facebook, painting the “Sandwich Party” as an unsavory candidate for America’s next meal. Instead, the franchise encourages customers to #VoteforFlavor by electing Pita Pit’s “Fresh-Grilled, Flavor-Filled,” offerings.

    “As we were crafting this campaign, we wanted to consider ways to break up everyday political conversations by adding a satirical twist,” says Pita Pit director of marketing, D. Patrick O’Dell. “What better way to change the conversation than by picketing for pitas and launching a smear campaign against sandwiches, on National Sandwich Day no less?”

    Created by Pita Pit’s Orlando-based advertising agency of record, evok advertising, the video gives viewers “something to chew on,” by shedding light on the truth about sandwiches, including the fact that “100 percent of sandwiches only care about themselves.” Continuing in this satirical, tongue-in-cheek manner, viewers are even treated to “leaked video footage of a conversation with a sandwich,” during which we hear the candidate making some unappetizing, yet highly entertaining, comments.

    “We knew we had an opportunity to have some real fun with this mini-campaign,” says evok creative director, Chris LeBlanc. “We drew inspiration from many of the most renowned political ads of the last 30 years, crafting them into a stereotypical election season ad campaign with a biting sense of humor. This not only gave us a chance to highlight Pita Pit’s off-the-wall brand personality, but also remind Americans to exercise their right to vote, whether its for flavor or during next Tuesday’s election.”

    On November 4, Pita Pit will release the second video in their #VoteforFlavor campaign, which will introduce a true “Pita for the People” candidate, reminding viewers and customers just why they should elect Pita Pit as their meal of choice. With all the Fresh-Grilled, Flavor-Filled options Pita Pit has to offer on the ballot, sandwiches may soon be toast.

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