Truckers, motorists, and RVers alike have been making pit-stops at over 160 of TravelCenters of America’s (TA) full service centers for the past 38 years. Together with Stanton Street, TA is unveiling a completely revamped Web site equipped with dozens of new features such as a trip planner, fuel price listings, advanced location search, and a Road King Club account access on the home page.

The new TA site is filled with features and travel tools, such as the multitude of TA services which are now located in the center of the home page. New menus allow visitors to navigate easily throughout the site’s many sections. Anything from Lodging Information, Wi-Fi hotspot locations, and check-cashing services for truck drivers can be accessed instantly with the click of a mouse. This redesign will help improve TA’s online services and information, while maintaining a sense of familiarity to long-time patrons.