Pizza Factory announced an extensive franchise growth strategy targeting key markets along the West Coast. The family-friendly pizza shop, with 113 locations in six states, has set into motion a strategy that aims to increase the brand’s footprint by opening 10 new restaurants annually. To achieve these goals, Pizza Factory’s efforts are set precisely on recruiting and awarding franchises to qualified investors that are passionate about the concept, giving back to the community, and developing strong bonds with its neighbors.

“The role we play in the communities we serve goes well beyond just being the best place in the neighborhood for pizza. And, from the beginning of their journey with us, our franchisees are drawn to the brand because of the sincere connections we have with our fans,” says Mary Jane Riva, president and CEO of Pizza Factory. “We are growing our footprint into neighborhoods big and small where we know our awesome people, product, and philanthropic partnerships will be valued.”

With a focus on adding new locations in California, Idaho, Nevada, Washington, Arizona, and Oregon, West Coast growth is the brand’s top priority. Pizza Factory has established a solid reputation already in the West and its growth strategy reflects this stronghold on the region, where it can properly support locations through marketing and operations programs. The high level of support Pizza Factory offers its franchisees has provided significant scalability for franchisees, many of which have opened multiple locations or have plans to do so.

“We also have a strong commitment to helping our franchisees reach their performance and growth goals,” Riva adds. “The majority of our franchisees work in their restaurants and live in the communities they serve. They care deeply about their customers, their business and making a difference. We assist in every way possible to ensure our franchisees’ restaurants radiate the welcoming neighborhood feel we all have come to know and love.”

Building on the momentum the brand has achieved in the past 12 months, Pizza Factory recently opened a new location in La Quinta, California. Additionally, the brand has several openings planned for the coming months, including one in Merced, California.

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