Pizza Hut has announced the return of its Twisted Crust Pizza for a limited time this summer.

The pizza, which features a seasoned breadstick crust that can be dipped in various sauces, first appeared as a short-term promotional offer in 2001.

“We know people like twisted crust, so we brought it back for consumers,” a Pizza Hut spokesperson said. “It sells well, and we know people like the breadstick crust.”

Pizza Hut often offers new products for a limited time in order to bring new news to their menu and allow customers to try something different, the spokesperson said. She cited the chain’s addition of Buffalo Chicken Pizza to the menu earlier this summer as another example.

Pizza Hut will promote the Twisted Crust Pizza with television advertising, window clings at store locations, and other advertising at points of purchase in its restaurants. The item will reappear on the menu around July 26 and will be offered for 4–5 weeks.

“Twisted Crust is something we know customers like, so we’re happy to bring it back for them,” the spokesperson said.

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