Industry News | July 30, 2008

Pizza Hut Debuts All Natural Pizza

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Pizza Hut is introducing all natural ingredients. With sauce made from organic tomatoes, toppings free from artificial preservatives, and a flavorful, multi-grain crust, the new pizza is so pure, Pizza Hut chefs just had to name it "The Natural."

"While customers are increasingly seeking options for more natural foods, they still love pizza," says Brian Niccol, Pizza Hut CMO.

With the introduction of The Natural, Pizza Hut will be the first national chain to offer a pizza made with natural, yet familiar ingredients, such as natural pepperoni and Italian sausage, that doesn't compromise on taste and satisfaction. The new Natural pizza also features: multi-grain crust, organic sauce, and natural toppings

The move to natural products even extends to the box. The Natural pizza will be served in boxes made from up to 75 percent recycled material.

Dallas and Tampa residents will get the first taste of The Natural before it is introduced to a national audience. A medium one-topping pizza is $9.99. The Natural Rustica pizza is $11.99.