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    Pizza Hut Expects 2.5 Million Super Bowl Orders

  • Industry News January 29, 2009
    As football prepares to crown a new champion, Pizza Hut prepares for the company's biggest day of the year, one in which approximately 2.5 million orders are placed for pizza, pasta and wings.

    Each year on football's big day, the Pizza Hut system sees an average 55 percent increase in business over a typical Sunday. Pizza Hut pulled together some stats that demonstrate how a hungry nation of football fans gets fed for the big game:

    • Pizza Hut will sell enough pizza to cover more than 50 football fields.
    • Pizza Hut employees would cover all 32 NFL fields lying head-to-toe.
    • If each slice of Pizza Hut pizza sold were laid end to end, the pizza trail would stretch halfway across the United States.
    • Pepperoni is the most requested pizza topping, followed by Italian sausage and extra cheese.
    • Pizza Hut anticipates selling more orders of Tuscani Pastas, including the new Tuscani Lasagna, than there were fans at the league's two conference championship games.
    • The number of WingStreet wings expected to be sold would be enough to give a chicken wing to every citizen of Phoenix and Pittsburgh.