As part of an ongoing effort to modernize and enhance the pizza delivery experience, Pizza Hut is collaborating with FedEx, specifically to explore the use of the FedEx SameDay Bot, a new autonomous delivery device aimed to revolutionize local delivery. When tested, the bot will serve as support to existing delivery staff in an effort to improve efficiency of the delivery process without compromising the quality of America’s favorite pizza.

“Our success is built around the best-in-class experiences we provide to our customers,” says Nicolas Burquier, chief customer and operations officer, Pizza Hut, U.S. “As we look to advance our business and continue providing experiences that our customers deserve, exploring technology solutions that allow our team members to do what they do on an even greater scale is critical to our success. Testing of the SameDay Bot with FedEx is just one more way we’re looking to the future of delivery at Pizza Hut.”

In recent years, Pizza Hut has emerged as a driver of innovation in the pizza category, consistently exploring technological advances designed to improve the overall customer experience. From introducing the first way to order pizza online in 1994, to partnering with reputable leaders in technology and delivery, Pizza Hut has remained committed to incorporating technology-based solutions to better support team members and deliver a hot, fast and reliable pizza experience for customers.

“The FedEx SameDay Bot is an innovation being developed to change the face of local delivery and help brands, like Pizza Hut, address the growing needs of their customers,” says Brie Carere, executive vice president and chief marketing and communications officer for FedEx. “The FedEx bot looks to redefine delivery for this market in a manner that is cost-effective, safe and environmentally friendly.”

The FedEx SameDay Bot is in development by FedEx and the DEKA Research and Development Corp., and is equipped with proprietary technology that allows it to navigate unpaved surfaces, curbs, and even steps to deliver an extraordinary door-to-door delivery experience. Testing of the bot is slated to begin as soon as this summer in select markets pending final city approvals.

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