Industry News | March 18, 2013

Pizza Hut Promises Reward if All No. 1 Seeds Go to Atlanta

Pizza Hut, the largest pizza chain in the country, is offering basketball fans who sign up for the company’s Hut Lovers program a slam dunk of a deal if all four No. 1 seeds advance to the semifinals of the highly-anticipated men’s college basketball tournament in Atlanta April 6-8, 2013. The deal is a free medium one-topping pizza. If the No. 1 seeds prevail, Hut Lovers members will receive a coupon via e-mail to redeem the free medium one-topping Pizza Hut pizza.

“We know that being No. 1 requires hard work and loyal fan support, so we’re rooting for the top seeds in the tournament alongside our great customers,” says Kurt Kane, chief marketing officer at Pizza Hut. “Four No. 1 seeds have made the semifinals before, but never has this much been at stake for pizza lovers nationwide. If it happens again, we’re prepared to make it the greatest championship in college basketball history with free pizza.”
College basketball legend Bobby Hurley will make the program especially great for fans everywhere by carrying his skills off the court to represent the Red Roof as spokesperson for this hoop dream promotion. The two-time college basketball champion and All-American point guard will be front and center in keeping Pizza Hut fans informed as the suspense builds for the journey to Atlanta.
“I was fortunate to play on No. 1 seeds and championship teams during my collegiate career,” says Bobby Hurley. “In basketball, you need to have a solid foundation, team-first mentality, and great fans to build a championship program. Pizza Hut has accomplished the same for the pizza industry, and I’m looking forward to assisting them in their efforts to ‘Make It Great’ for their fans during the tournament.”
After consumers have signed up for the Hut Lovers program, and the No. 1 seeds advance to Atlanta, the coupon will be issued and redeemable online through April 15.
The big tournament has seen an entire No. 1 seed semifinals only once, in 2008. What better time to root for No. 1s than when the best teams in college basketball have Pizza Hut cheering every step of the way. 

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