Pizza Hut is showing up for the big game once again and is bringing the iconic Big New Yorker to TV’s across the country. The Big New Yorker, the beloved NY-style inspired menu item from the 1990’s, officially returned to restaurants on February 1st. Since the Big New Yorker retired from the menu, fans have been petitioning for its comeback; this year’s spot is a celebration of the pizza’s long-awaited return.

The :30 second spot highlights the creation of the World’s Largest Pizza, a GUINNESS WORLD RECORD’S title Pizza Hut recently broke (on January 18) in partnership with Airrack. The brand wanted to celebrate the return of their largest pizza in a big way, and what better way to do so then creating the world’s largest pizza? The spot takes you through a timelapse of the creation of the massive pie. 

The Big New Yorker is Pizza Hut’s largest pizza. Nearly 30% larger than a large; it’s a pizza so big, it can make any space feel small. The :15 second spot showcases the XL nature of the Big New Yorker by bringing viewers to one of those small apartments we’ve all lived in where just getting the box in the door is a puzzle.

The Big New Yorker is the perfect pizza to have at any celebration because, as you see in the spot, it can feed your whole party with its delicious, XL slices. The song, “Going Big” Via The Great, brings to life the excitement fans have for the pizza being back. Plus, the track is “Going Big,” which pretty much says it all.

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