Pizza Patrón has executed a development agreement with Latitude Partners Florida, LLC to develop twelve stores in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale areas. The group plans to have the first unit open in early December, and a site search is currently under way for all 12 locations. They expect to have two units open by the end of January, says Daniel Feldsberg, Latitude Partners spokesman.

“Given that Southeast Florida is the third largest Latin-American market in the United States, we see a great potential for the development and growth of the Pizza Patron brand in the area,” says Feldsberg.

Latitude Partners Florida is made up by a group of investors of multiple cultures and educational backgrounds. The acting managers, Daniel Feldsberg, Diego Franco and Michael Dickman, originally from South America, have been in Florida for 10 years involved in marketing, import and export business, and real estate projects. They have an ample knowledge of the local market and are very active in the Hispanic community.

“Our goal from the beginning has been to provide better service and value to the Latino-Hispano family than our competitors in every market we enter,” says Andrew Gamm, director of Brand Development for Pizza Patrón. “Until now, most of our core Hispanic customers had roots in Mexico, but in Miami, the Latino-Hispano demographic is primarily of Caribbean, Central, and South American descent. We are very anxious to begin our relationship with the community in Miami.”

This agreement marks the first time Pizza Patrón will be targeting a significant non-Mexican, Latino population. The brand is designed to make a strong cultural connection with the Latino-Hispano consumer, and to adapt to each local market’s Hispanic demography.

“It has always been our goal to serve every Latino community in the U.S,” says Antonio Swad, founder of Pizza Patrón Inc. “Our entrance into the South Florida market allows us to reinforce that commitment—we are ready for the challenge.”

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