After two intensive years of development, Pizza Patrón is rolling out a new chorizo topping, and it will be in all stores by July 1.

“As the leading Latin pizza brand, we should have the best and most authentic chorizo topping of any pizza chain,” says Andrew Gamm, brand director for Pizza Patrón. “Toluca, Mexico, has been hailed as the chorizo capital of the world, so we looked to create a topping that would reflect the quality and flavor worthy of Toluca’s standards.”

Pizza Patrón is well known for its Hispanic customer focus, and the brand plans to add more Latin flavor options to its future menu mix through toppings and limited-time product offers. The new chorizo is a permanent addition to the menu.

“Finding great Latin flavors and recipes is easy—the real challenge is on the manufacturing and distribution side,” Gamm says. “Authentic Mexican and Latin American tastes represent a new category for the pizza segment, so there aren’t many ‘off the shelf’ options available. We literally have to start from scratch with manufacturers, but so far it’s paying off.  Our new chorizo is fantastic!”

According to the company, the new chorizo has been seamless addition to the franchise system. No new equipment or investment was required to accommodate the new item.

Initial response from operators and customers has been positive and Pizza Patrón plans to debut a new pizza that centers around the delicious new chorizo on July 1.

Pizza Patrón continues to be a lightning rod for discussion regarding Hispanics in the U.S. The company plans to continue its commitment to ensure the brand reflects the contemporary Latino experience in the U.S. today.

The Dallas-based pizza chain recently opened its 100th retail location and plans to continue focusing on expanding its retail footprint in new markets through franchising.

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