Industry News | February 2, 2017

PizzaRev Debuts the Cauliflower Power Pizza

The new Cauliflower Power pizza at PizzaRev introduces guests to two nutrient-packed ingredients: roasted cauliflower and kale pesto.

Available now at PizzaRev’s 47 open restaurants, the Seasonal Special pizza features kale pesto (made with kale and pine nuts), mozzarella with buffalo milk, goat cheese, red onions, cherry tomatoes and cauliflower roasted with olive oil and crushed red pepper. Guests can build their Cauliflower Power pizza on one of three crust options at PizzaRev: Signature Thin, Double Dough, or gluten-free.

“Our new Seasonal Special pizza is both healthy and hearty, the perfect combination to help our fans power through the mid-winter season,” says Nicholas Eckerman, co-founder and co-CEO of PizzaRev. “The process of lightly seasoning and roasting cauliflower brings out a natural sweetness that entirely transforms its flavor. We wouldn’t be surprised if this pizza becomes a guest favorite.”

While the Cauliflower Power pizza is available, PizzaRev guests may also choose to add the roasted cauliflower and kale pesto sauce to any Craft Your Own pizza or salad. PizzaRev is known for its fully customized dining experience, empowering guests to craft their own personal pizza with any ingredients they crave, for one price.

The pizza crafting process starts with a choice of homemade dough and four signature sauce options, including original or spicy organic tomato, alfredo, and a spicy-sweet BBQ. Guests top off their pizzas by choosing from 30-plus all-natural cheeses, protein and veggie toppings. Each pizza is fired to a perfect, Roman-style crispiness in less than three minutes in PizzaRev’s 900-degree stone-bed oven.

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