PJ’s Coffee, a renowned name in the coffee industry since 1978, has opened a new training facility in Mandeville, Louisiana, to foster growth and efficiency within its network and prepare franchise owners for success from the outset.

The New Orleans-born coffee shop’s investment in its franchisees and their educational development will help enable them to hire a strong team and provide a solid customer experience from day one. The knowledge gained at PJ’s University provides a well-rounded perspective of the inner workings of their franchise, giving franchise owners the confidence and support needed to launch their new business successfully.

With over 180 locations systemwide and more than 100 in the pipeline, the new training facility emulates a functioning PJ’s Coffee store, offering an immersive training environment for franchisees and future managers. Equipped with fully functional coffee equipment, tables, chairs and a dedicated conference area, the facility provides a conducive setting for both theoretical instruction and practical, hands-on training.

“Our aim is to empower our franchisees with the tools, knowledge and skills they need to thrive in the competitive coffee business landscape,” says PJ’s Coffee VP of Operations Patrick Shaheen. “Through our expansion efforts and dedication to their education, we’re growing our brand while cultivating a cohesive leadership style across all stores.”

Franchisee owners undergoing training at the facility can expect a comprehensive curriculum covering essential topics such as product management, cost control, point-of-sale operations and financial literacy. One of the unique highlights of the PJ’s University training program is an off-site visit to the PJ’s Coffee roasting facility, which provides participants with firsthand insights into the art of coffee roasting and the brand’s commitment to quality and innovation.

The enhanced training experience is expected to translate into exceptional customer service and operational excellence, enabling franchisees to become staples in their communities by delivering a memorable guest experience through true Southern hospitality — a staple for the brand — at PJ’s Coffee locations across its network.

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