PJ’s Coffee, a leading coffee chain renowned for its New Orleans-inspired hospitality and premium coffee, plans to introduce at least 10 locations in North Carolina over the next few years.

“Our expansion into the Tar Heel State — especially with the Triangle area’s growth — represents an exciting opportunity to share the authentic taste of New Orleans with more communities that appreciate warm hospitality and traditional Southern cuisine,” said David Mesa, executive vice president and chief development officer at PJ’s Coffee. “The Southeast holds a special place in our hearts due to its deep affinity for the culture that we represent. We’re also confident that the entrepreneurial spirit and economic dynamism of North Carolina will help drive our success.”

North Carolina is set to become the 15th state where PJ’s Coffee will establish its presence. The planned five locations in Raleigh and Durham, followed by another five in Charlotte, mark the beginning of a significant expansion and milestone in the company’s mission to bring the authentic taste of New Orleans to coffee lovers across the nation.

With more than 180 locations operating systemwide and over 100 more in the pipeline, PJ’s Coffee projects substantial growth in the Southeast, specifically the Carolinas. The region is expected to eventually rival Greater New Orleans, which is currently home to more than 40 locations. 

PJ’s Coffee is actively recruiting franchisees to join in this growth.

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