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    Planet Smoothie Lauds its Lemonade Days of Summer

  • Industry News June 11, 2012

    Planet Smoothie, a chain known for serving low-cal, low-sugar, real-fruit smoothies, launched its "Lemonade Days of Summer" promotion, which features three new lemonade smoothies from today until Aug. 5.

    The Pucker is made with lemonade, raspberries, and orange sherbet; the Squeeze is a classic lemonade smoothie; and the Crunch is made with creamy yogurt and crunchy granola and tastes like frozen lemon pie. Also included in the promotion is Planet Smoothie's existing Lunar Lemonade smoothie, which is made of lemonade, bananas, and a choice of strawberries or raspberries, throughout July.

    "Lemonade is a classic summer treat that kids and adults both enjoy," says Donna Smith, vice president of marketing. "Our fun new lemonade smoothies are perfect for summer. We think they will be a great treat for customers looking for a unique snack or meal replacement."