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    PlotWatt's Software Detects Appliance Malfunctions Early

  • Industry News November 30, 2012

    PlotWatt, the Durham-based technology company that provides energy management solutions to quick serve restaurants (QSRs) is providing value via appliance lifecycle and operation management in addition to cost savings due to reduction in electrical energy consumption.

    Using patent-pending technology which computes itemized appliance-level energy consumption of all major electrical appliances without attached hardware, PlotWatt has provided its QSR customers with information that can alert store managers and owners to potential malfunctions and improper appliance operation before failure. “For example PlotWatt’s software recently detected a walk-in freezer that was cycling more than four times its optimal duty cycle. Upon receiving notification our client found an improperly installed thermostat. Not only did the resulting repair save considerable energy costs, but it extended the life of the compressor motor saving this particular client thousands of dollars over the life of the freezer”, comments Luke Fishback, CEO of PlotWatt. “PlotWatt has also alerted clients to similar systemic opportunities for improvement such as a soft serve ice cream machine that missed scheduled pasteurization cycles. Finding such anomalies can go beyond appliance lifecycle and cost management to food safety.”
    PlotWatt’s technology allows for total electrical energy use monitoring and scheduling enabling customers to drive greater operational efficiency and increase operating margins. Software based, PlotWatt has an ROI that is less than 12 months in most installations.
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