Pokemoto, Muscle Maker, Inc.’s expanding Hawaiian poke bowl restaurant concept, today announced its newest limited time only culinary innovation, lobster seafood salad, as a new protein option. The decadent new protein is a blend of lobster chunks, white fish, Japanese mayo and special seasoning and can be ordered in any pick two or pick three bowl, salad or burrito. Pokemoto has over 40 different ingredients consumers can choose from to make their unique, customized poke bowl, burrito or salad. The combinations are virtually endless.

The rollout of lobster seafood salad comes just in time to celebrate National Lobster Day which falls on September 25th. The company is preparing some unique activations and giveaways around the celebration which will be announced at a later date.

The new lobster seafood salad protein option can be enjoyed in store or via 3rd party takeout and delivery platforms such as SnackPass, UberEats, DoorDash and GrubHub. The brand plans to leverage its texting platform, sampling initiatives and special events to get the word out about the new protein option.

“Our menu development team has been busy building a repertoire of unique menu offerings that we can launch on a periodic basis to keep our valued guests coming back for more poke!” said Mike Roper, CEO of Pokemoto. “When developing potential menu items we are always looking at a few different things – first and foremost the flavor profile and making sure we hit the mark to “wow” patrons; the cost of the product, so that we’re keeping our food cost in line and lastly the operational production, can we make the product efficiently while remaining consistent to keep up with our fast paced linear model. Lobster seafood salad checked all of those boxes. We’ve been testing the product and feedback has been excellent. Our stores are decorated with lobster decor which creates a fun environment for our guests and helps promote the new protein option. It also gives us some great content to put out on social media. National Lobster Day should be a blast for not only our guests but our employees as well as we’re all about the experience at Pokemoto!”

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