Furthering its commitment to sustainability and mindful consuming, Pokeworks is uniting with the Open Wing Alliance to use only cage-free eggs by the end of 2023.

“Our new initiative builds on the transparency of knowing and informing our guests’ where our food comes from and we seek to encourage other brands, especially fellow poke brands, to join the coalition,” says Pokeworks CEO Steve Heeley. “At Pokeworks, our sustainability efforts go beyond the menu. We view responsibly-sourced ingredients as more than just a trend – it’s a commitment.”

Initiated by The Humane League, members of the Open Wing Alliance create a unified front in the campaign to free egg-laying hens from cages. In addition to running hard-hitting global campaigns against the abuse of chickens worldwide, the OWA supports over 80 member organizations, sharing valuable strategies, tactics and resources to empower and uplift the animal welfare movement.

“This commitment by Pokeworks to remove battery cages from their supply chain will meaningfully reduce the suffering of the hens raised to lay eggs for its restaurants,” says Global Corporate Relations Coordinator of The Open Wing Alliance Hannah Surowinski. “With more and more companies taking steps in the right direction towards improving animal welfare, it’s clear that cage-free is becoming the new standard of the global food industry.”

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