Pollo Campero, the world's largest Latin chicken restaurant brand, saw an 11.8 percent same-store sales growth at comparable U.S. stores for the period January–February 2015. This continues a strong trend of positive same store sales in domestic stores dating back to early 2012.

"While the economy continues to improve as well as the restaurant industry, we are proud to say our financials continue to skyrocket," says president and CEO of Pollo Campero Tim Pulido. "Not only are we up in traffic and sales over last year, but our numbers have been climbing consistently for three years."

In 2012, Pollo Campero began a strong trend with a 7.9 percent same-store sales growth. The following year, they hit an impressive 6.9 percent same-store sales growth and finished 2014 at 7.4 percent.

With 2015 off to a double-digit start, despite the harshly cold winter, Pulido is optimistic about this year's outcome and continued success.

"While Campero began as a brand with a predominantly Central American consumer base here in the United States, we have been broadening our base in recent years," Pulido says. "Last year, we rolled out a redesign and new global brand platform that has given us an updated look."

According to a 2014 Technomic report, Pollo Campero was the restaurant brand with the second highest number of millennial customers.

"With our new image as well as the mainstreaming of Latin food as of late, we're appealing to diverse and younger demographics," Pulido says.

Pollo Campero is in a major growth phase. In 2014, Campero opened eight restaurants and remodeled six with the new brand image. This year, the company is projecting 11 openings as well as continuing the rollout of the new global platform. The Authentic Latin Chicken brand is concentrating its growth in the Washington D.C., area, New York, and Texas.

"With the help of our new site selection model, we're beyond excited about our results as we expand our 'familia' here in the U.S.,” Pulido says.

Fueled by their sales growth and new store openings, Campero's total corporate revenues grew by 17.4 percent in 2014 while maintaining a healthy corporate restaurant contribution of over 20 percent.

"Pollo Campero has a great combination: differentiated brand platform, strong business economics, and demonstrated growth potential. Such a combination is rare to find in the restaurant industry, and our latest results assure us we're on the right path as a solid emerging brand," Pulido says.

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