Pollo Tropical set a world record on Super Bowl Sunday at its Miami Gardens location. In the shadow of Sun Life Stadium, more than 20 cooks and prep crew chopped, diced, and blended nearly 1,200 pounds of fresh salsa. The Pollo Tropical cooks set a Guinness World Record for the Largest Serving of Salsa – weighing in at 1,170 pounds.

The Largest Serving of Salsa category was created by the Guinness Book of World Records with a minimum requirement of 200 kilograms (440 pounds, 14 ounces.) Using a giant stainless steel bowl that’s seven feet in diameter and five feet deep, Pollo Tropical created the impressive salsa serving – chopping 1,336 tomatoes and 138 ounces of cilantro, mixing in 621 pounds of picante and 35 gallons of spring water.

Pollo Tropical was inspired to create this largest-ever serving of free salsa to spotlight its unique, made-from-scratch salsas including the classic, caliente, guava barbecue, cilantro, mustard curry, mojo, and more.

“We already knew our fresh, homemade salsa is award worthy,” says Kim Miller, senior director of marketing. “Now the rest of the world can taste why we’re so proud of our signature, made fresh every day, line of salsas.”

While the salsa making took place, Pollo Tropical provided various forms of entertainment for the public. Raffles were conducted to give away Pollo Tropical BBQ sets, coolers, the famous Pollo Tropical hot sauce, and Free Chicken For A Year. Boca Raton resident Sharon Buhr won the Free Chicken For A Year prize.

A salsa dancing contest was also held, which was touted as Miami’s most flavorful free tailgate party. Winners Monica Gonzalez and Rodrigo Martinez from New Image Salsa took home the $1,000 grand prize package.

Pollo Tropical pledged a meal to the Boys & Girls Clubs After School Program for every person that participated in the event, reaching a grand total of 800 donated meals.

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