Pollo Tropical Presents Create Your Own TropiChop

    Industry News | December 29, 2011

    The Pollo Tropical TropiChop, which has been a menu favorite for nearly 15 years, is being redesigned so customers can create their own with an expanded line of rice and other base options, expanded toppings, and even new sauces from the salsa bar. 

    In addition to more choices, guests will also receive more chicken, as the company is doubling the amount of chicken served by 50 percent.

    The Create Your Own TropiChop will be available in all company owned Pollo Tropical restaurant locations as of Dec. 19. Customers can order a Create Your Own TropiChop and a regular drink for just $4.99.

    There is a simple four-step process to ordering a TropiChop. 

    1. Decide whether you want grilled chicken, slow roasted pork, or a vegetarian build. 
    2. Order your base, choosing either the yellow rice with vegetables, white rice, the all-new brown rice, romaine lettuce, or a combination of lettuce and rice. 
    3. Order as many toppings as they like. Choices include made-from-scratch beans, chopped fresh tomatoes, kernel corn, sautéed onions, or “sofrito” – a blend of sautéed peppers and onions. 
    4. Pile on your choice of salsas or sauces from the Pollo Tropical recently-expanded fresh salsa bar.

    The expanded salsa bar includes classic customer favorites like Guava BBQ, Regular BBQ, freshly made Salsa, Curry Mustard, Cilantro Garlic, Onions, and Ketchup.

    Now, the bar will also include Jalapeños and the new, proprietary Pollo Tropical Spicy Poyo Poyo Sauce. The new sauce is made from spicy island chili peppers that are fire-grilled on the premises and then whisked with vinegar and exotic Caribbean spices to create a flavorful, low-calorie sauce with a kick that’s perfect on any Pollo Tropical chicken dish.

    “The TropiChop line has enjoyed a very loyal following, so we exhaustively tested any modifications for more than a year to make sure our guests were happy with the changes,” says Kim Miller, vice president of Marketing and Communications at Pollo Tropical. “What our guests told us throughout the testing period is that they love the new-found flexibility and options the Create Your Own line offers.”

    In fact, there are now hundreds of different combinations available.

    “The Create Your Own TropiChop further expands our ability to allow customers to create meals customized to their own taste,” Miller says. “Now, we can offer a special TropiChop that’s tailor-made to each person. Customers can come back and try new combinations at different day-parts, with friends or the whole family.”

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