ArrowStream Inc. announced that Popeyes, the world's second largest quick-service chicken concept, will renew its contract with ArrowStream for its OnDemand software, which allows Popeyes to better manage food spend and inventory.

Since beginning its relationship with ArrowStream in 2007, Popeyes has relied upon OnDemand to be the backbone of its limited-time offer management. With Popeyes running at least one LTO per month to spice up its menu, OnDemand's software allows this high volume of LTOs to be executed flawlessly and provides full synergy between the franchisees and corporate. Franchisees benefit from the ease of use and organization OnDemand provides with logging product commitments, while Popeyes enjoys empowering franchisees to be accountable for the volume of inventory ordered. Popeyes also gains the actionable intelligence OnDemand provides by having product and inventory needs, projected forecast alignment, and sales versus commitments analytics in "at-your-fingertips" reporting.

"Since we began working with ArrowStream almost 10 years ago, OnDemand has been one of the critical solutions in our supply chain process," says Alice LeBlanc, chief global quality, engineering, and supply chain officer. "The ability to manage inventory and LTOs through OnDemand is a great asset for saving us waste and obsolescent product. OnDemand allows Popeyes to make better business decisions every day, which makes ArrowStream a most valued vendor to our organization."

OnDemand empowers companies like Popeyes to uncover the biggest opportunities and proactively address the most pressing threats in their supply chains by centralizing inventory, contract, and quality assurance information. OnDemand's tile-based interface eliminates the need for traditional data mining by bringing specific challenges to the forefront and providing the means to understand root cause and take immediate action. By utilizing this software, supply chain teams become more responsive and adaptable in keeping up with the changing nature of the supply chain.

"Popeyes is one of the most progressive brands when it comes to LTO strategy and promotions management," says Jeff Dorr, chief customer officer at ArrowStream. "We're proud to be such a valued partner to Popeyes and look forward to continue setting the standard in the foodservice space with our technology."

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