Brodersen Enterprises, the group that manages the Popeyes' franchise in Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Illinois, and Puerto Rico, has chosen both Revention POS and Revention’s remote management solution R-Enterprise for all 39 of their Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen locations.

“We are extremely impressed with Revention. Labor cost has come down so much in all of our stores, which naturally affects the bottom line,” says Cindy Paul, the director of IT for Brodersen Enterprises. “With regard to functionality and what the employees that actually use the POS every day think about it, they absolutely love Revention. They rave that it’s just so much easier and faster; they really love using it. From a support standpoint, since we’ve installed Revention our support needs have literally dropped by 75–80 percent because the system just works. It does what it’s supposed to do, plain and simple. Another thing:  the R-Enterprise phone app literally pays for the system almost instantly. The data that R-Enterprise provides to us on a daily basis is absolutely vital. I’m very pleased.”

Brodersen operates a unique segment within the Popeyes franchise groups, and Brodersen stores are thought to be some of the very best for technology innovation, marketing, operations, development, and leadership. To this end, the group has won several Gold and Silver Plate Awards in recent years. Popeyes presents Gold and Silver Plate Awards to the very best restaurants in their system. These restaurants excel operationally and positively represent the brand's image.

“Working with the Brodersen Group and Popeyes has been an incredibly eye-opening experience,” says Revention national sales manager Dontae Housley. “Revention has already experienced success within the [quick-serve] segment and now we’re prepared to fully saturate the marketplace.”

Revention is proud to be partnered with an esteemed segment of Popeyes stores like Brodersen and looks forward to a future of continued success and distinction.