Today, with 51 years of expertise and the industry benchmark Chicken Sandwich under its belt, Popeyes announces the permanent introduction of Wings to menus nationwide. Starting this Wednesday, chicken wing enthusiasts across the nation can savor five signature flavors with varying degrees of kick – Honey BBQ, Roasted Garlic Parmesan, Signature Hot, Ghost Pepper, and Sweet ‘N Spicy – each one a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation, flavor, and its Louisiana roots. 

“At Popeyes, we like to challenge the status quo and are consistently redefining what’s expected from fast food brands” says Sami Siddiqui, President of Popeyes North America. “Ghost Pepper Wings were an overnight success, followed by the addition of Sweet ‘N Spicy wings, our best performing product since the infamous Chicken Sandwich. We know our guests want even more bold Louisiana-inspired wing flavors to choose from and are excited to see our new wings line-up take flight.”

Each exciting flavor features hand-battered and breaded crispy chicken wings, which are perfectly crisp on the outside just like our signature Bone-In Chicken. Our Wings are marinated in just the right amount of distinct Popeyes spices to add that extra flavor and juiciness. Guests can get their wings fix in five flavors, including three new recipes making their debut for the first time on a Popeyes menu: 

  • New Honey BBQ Wings: The tangy tamarind, sweet honey and smoky molasses flavors on this sauce pair perfectly with that signature Popeyes crispy breading, so that each and every bite brings you all the way down south.
  • New Roasted Garlic Parmesan: These wings pair the rich flavors of caramelized garlic and parmesan and asiago cheeses with our crispy Popeyes breading. So, take a buttery bite and bask in all the flavor.
  • New Signature Hot: We wouldn’t be from Louisiana if we didn’t have a Cajun hot wing. Tossed in our signature Cajun hot sauce with just a touch of southern sweetness, this flavor is for those who love the heat.
  • Ghost Pepper Wings: Marinated in a dry spice blend before they’re hand breaded and fried to a perfect crunch, these wings are the perfect balance of flavor and fire.
  • Sweet ‘N Spicy Wings: Before they’re tossed in a sweet and spicy blend of chili, garlic, and ginger, these crispy wings are marinated, hand-breaded, and fried up just right. And yup, sweet ‘n spicy is still the perfect pair.

“This is something my team has been working on for three years, and we took our time to get it right. Ghost Pepper has become a heavy hitter in our arsenal of products, and in marrying that with our Wings we knew we had something special. Now, we’ve found ways to add flavors on top for a variety of tastes our guests are sure to love. And with our Sweet ‘N Spicy Wings recently becoming the highest performing product since the Chicken Sandwich, we are beyond excited to unveil this full lineup,” says Head Chef, Amy Alarcon, Vice President of Culinary Innovation at Popeyes.

Popeyes is finally crashing the wing game and looking to reset the industry standard for wings. In a new campaign, Popeyes invites guests to rethink their chicken wing choices with the launch of Popeyes DISScount codes, which can be entered on the Popeyes app or at to redeem. With cheeky prompts like STOPWINGS, NOTTHATWILD, OPENSUNDAY and ONLY1WINGSFLVR, these digital codes unlock a free 6pc order Wings with a $10 minimum purchase (terms apply) starting on November 27th. And, as a nudge in the “right direction,” Popeyes is strategically placing billboards near competitor restaurants, prompting consumers to reconsider their current wing choices and upgrade to Popeyes.

Popeyes new Wings are available today with prices starting at $5.99 for a 6-piece. For more information, please visit

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