On Tuesday, Popeyes will officially celebrate its 50th Anniversary.

Popeyes continues its month-long celebration of its 50th Anniversary by gifting fans with an exclusive new signature chicken promotion, the return of Cajun Rice, a new video showcasing 50 years of love lessons and a nationwide promotion designed for lovebirds to have their love story of 50 years celebrated in an iconic national newspaper.

The beloved southern brand was founded in 1972 by Al Copeland in New Orleans, and since its doors opened on June 12, the brand has offered guests fried chicken and southern sides that mimic the delicious homemade food you would find walking into any kitchen in the south. Its Louisiana roots and bold Cajun flavors and seasonings have allowed the brand to stand out with fans against the competition for decades.

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Starting Tuesday, Popeyes invites guests to celebrate with them in a variety of ways:

Popeyes will celebrate its golden anniversary by giving its customers a promotion that pays homage to the signature chicken recipe that kicked off its legacy of chicken mastery 50 years ago: five pieces of golden, crispy hand battered and hand breaded chicken for just $6.99. 

Starting Tuesday, Cajun Rice will return to menus across the country for a limited time only. Popeyes fried chicken has not been the only menu item that swept brand champions off their feet in 1972. Cajun Rice (formerly known as Rice Dressing) became a favorite among customers. With its flavorful Cajun and creole seasonings mixed together from a range of bold ingredients, including bell pepper, onion, garlic, celery and cayenne, Cajun Rice delivers a side dish unlike anything offered in the quick service restaurant industry. And while Popeyes discontinued the favorite menu item in 2021, the brand recognized the flurry of emotions it caused among disheartened fans. In fact, since being removed from the menu, thousands of customers have tweeted about wanting the side dish back. The brand knew it had to give their dedicated fans what they wanted and is doing so in celebration of 50 years.

And as they look to sweeten the 50th celebrations even further, guests can also enjoy the new Strawberry Cheesecake Fried Pie at restaurants nationwide. The new dessert offering is a delicious strawberry fried pie filled with a creamy cheesecake and graham cracker filling.

The Signature Chicken promotion, Cajun Rice and Strawberry Cheesecake Pie will be available nationwide in restaurants and for delivery through the Popeyes App or on Popeyes.com.

According to one study by the Census Bureau, only 6 percent of married couples make it to their 50th anniversary. In honor of this massive anniversary, Popeyes invited five couples who also committed to love in 1972, to surprise their partners with a love letter and discuss their recipe for 50 years of love in a new video.

Oftentimes 50th anniversaries are celebrated in local publications as the milestone and couple’s love story is shared within their community. Popeyes is taking this tradition and elevating it to a grander stage as they look to shine the spotlight on couples who have stood the test of time in a timeless national newspaper. Starting today, Popeyes invites couples, or their family members and friends, to nominate their love story via direct message on twitter or by emailing lovestories@popeyes.com. Popeyes will pick the most heartwarming story to be featured on the national stage in a Popeyes ad.

While Popeyes is celebrating 50 years of history and accomplishments this month, they are also taking the time to reflect on the pivotal moment in the brand’s history when Restaurant Brands International (RBI) acquired Popeyes in 2017. Just as so many have come to love Popeyes for its unique flavor profile, chicken mastery and southern Louisiana roots, RBI took note of the special brand as well. While Popeyes remained a relatively beloved regional southern brand, after RBI’s acquisition it saw new growth and profitability opportunities. Within just five years, Popeyes grew from $3 billion in global system-wide sales to $5 billion. 

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