Portillo’s invites guests to The Portillo’s Experience, its first-ever pop-up shop at Woodfield Mall. Open from November 6 through December 31, guests can sign-up for complimentary tickets – powered by Tock – at portillos.com/popupexperience.

Located in the southwest corner of the mall, guests can expect a series of photo-worthy exhibits with interactive elements. The brand partnered with McCain Foods to create The French Fry Room, featuring “cheese sauce” dripping from the ceiling, life-sized plush French fries, and a neon sign proclaiming, “I Only Have Fries for You.” In adjacent rooms, visitors can pose on a giant Onion Ring Swing, or cozy-up on a Hot Dog Sofa created in conjunction with Vienna Beef. A trio of photobooths allow fans to dress-up as their favorite Portillo’s menu items, with costumes replicating the brand’s Chicago-Style Hot Dogs, Italian Beef Sandwiches, and Chopped Salad. Other design elements include Scratch-N-Sniff wallpaper and a gallery wall featuring Chicago and food-inspired works from local artists.

The Portillo’s Experience also offers guests the chance to do their holiday party planning in The Catering Lounge. Guests will be able to meet with members of the Portillo’s catering team to plan their personalized Portillo’s holiday spread. Visitors will also be able to purchase whole Portillo’s Chocolate Cakes and pre-packaged Italian beef, French bread, peppers, and gravy to make at home. Portillo’s catering team can also assist guests with placing orders via the brand’s Shop-N-Ship mail-order division, which can send food kits to all 50 states.

Shoppers can complete their holiday shopping with gift cards and items from Portillo’s 1963 clothing line. Additional merchandise will include a range of items, from the Portillo’s Baby Swaddle to hot dog cufflinks, snow globes, and items made exclusively for the pop-up.

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