Posiflex adds the new fan-free, spill and dust resistant KS7500 series of 15” and 17” touch screen terminals for applications needing performance at an affordable cost. The KS7500 series is environmentally hardened through Posiflex’s patented fan-free, heat-dissipating aluminum construction and integration of a powerful, but low-power-consumption, low-heat-emission embedded dual-core Intel Celeron B810 1.6GHz CPU. The KS7500 series ships standard with 4 GB of DDR3 RAM, with a maximum of 8 GB. 15” or 17” touch screen size selections include projective capacitive, resistive or infrared. The KS7500 series comes with a sleek base with optional backup battery, wall mount or free standing, and a solid three-year warranty to handle the toughest retail, hospitality and health care operations. Priced comfortably in the middle of the Posiflex fan-free product family, the KS7500 offers superior balance of price and performance.

“Combining Digital Dining software with biometrically-enabled Posiflex terminals allows our customers to tie specific users to each transaction and eliminate the ability to share credentials resulting in immediate cost reductions.”
The KS7500 series can also be fitted with an alternative universal base, which internally integrates the power adapter, includes a 24V Powered USB and an optional backup battery. The terminal comes in either white or black for 15” terminals, and can be equipped with an optional privacy filter for confidentiality.
Doyle Ledford, vice president of Posiflex Sales notes, “The KS7500 Series touch screen terminal is designed for heavy duty commercial use with maximum uptime, reliability and durability. Posiflex’s use of embedded technologies to support intelligent systems from both Microsoft and Intel makes the KS7500 powerful, fast and reliable. This enables maximum uptime, faster transactional processing, minimized maintenance, quiet operation, and energy savings for retail and hospitality point of sale applications. The KS7500 is over-built to over-perform.”
Michelle Tinsley, director of retail for Intel’s Retail Solutions Division says, “The dual-core Intel Celeron processor used in the KS7500 provides the processing power and manageability needed in retail and hospitality POS. With hardware solutions such as Posiflex’s fan-free touch screen terminal, business operators are offered faster throughput and better reliability at points of customer interaction in a cost effective manner.”
“We are excited to continue to work with Posiflex as we drive intelligent systems in retail and hospitality built on the Windows Embedded 8 family of products,” says David Wurster, senior product manager for Windows Embedded at Microsoft. “Leveraging the Windows Embedded 8 Pro platform on the KS7500 Series of touch screen terminals will offer customers long-term value in a durable, flexible and dynamic solution.”
Like all Posiflex touch screen terminals, the KS7500 is stringently third-party tested for temperature cycling, vibration, drop, shock, static electricity, and emission tolerances to withstand the harshest retail and hospitality POS operating environments. It is also fully compatible with all current Posiflex peripherals, including printers, encrypted or standard magnetic stripe readers, keyboards, PIN pads, rear customer displays and biometric fingerprint readers.
“We tested the Posiflex KS7515 with fingerprint biometrics as this configuration has emerged as one of the best ways to prevent transaction and payroll fraud in the restaurant environment,” says Andre Nataf, senior business development manager at Digital Dining. “Combining Digital Dining software with biometrically-enabled Posiflex terminals allows our customers to tie specific users to each transaction and eliminate the ability to share credentials resulting in immediate cost reductions.”
Scott Spitzberg, president of Restaurant Software Solutions, shares, “I’ve had my guys putting the KS7515 through its paces today running ASI’s Restaurant Manager Software and found it an excellent client machine and a good server for up to a 3-station install. This is an ideal configuration for a mid-range terminal in performance and price. We have installed Posiflex for years, and certifying the KS7515 came easy as it comes with a long legacy of reliability.”
Mike Hamm, chief operating officer, Focus POS Systems affirms, “The KS7515 performed flawlessly and fast, running Focus POS right out of the box and is an especially perfect companion with our quick service, delivery, and bars and nightclubs modules where speed of service is important. Cool operation, sleek design and proven Posiflex durability make this an easy choice.”
Ron Chan, director of marketing for Posiflex concludes, “The mid-range of our fan-free touch screen terminal line is significantly strengthened. The KS7500, with twice the CPU throughput as our very popular and field-proven KS7200, helps bridge the price performance gap for a powerful client touch screen terminal, but can also be used as an affordable small server. The combination of the KS7200 for price and performance and KS7500 for power on budget, make these strong options for virtually any hospitality, retail, health care or touch screen terminal application.”
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