Industry News | July 30, 2013

Posiflex Unveils New Product Road Map

Posiflex at RetailNOW 2013 in booth #217 is announcing sleek new retail and hospitality slimprofile

and compact products in development, including an All‐In‐One terminal, which takes no more room than a standard receipt printer, for deployment where space is at a premium; an ultra‐small‐footprint multipurpose PC with Wi‐Fi that can serve as a POS, digital signage or kiosk controller; and a sleek new generation of terminals with a foldable base and ergonomically designed, which collapses to save shipping costs.


The Posiflex HS Series is the All‐in‐One solution, which allows every inch of valuable counter space to be used. With a footprint of a standard receipt printer, the 10” POS touch screen terminal includes a 3” printer, which can be configured to include an MSR, smart card reader, fingerprint sensor, and a range of secondary customer displays.


The Posiflex XT line comes with a choice of two foldable bases: a sleek and curvy slim base, and a larger one, which integrates a battery backup, 12 or 24V powered USB and a pull‐out hard drive. The intelligent foldable base for its touch screen terminals is designed for optimized viewing to ease user fatigue and folds flat, reducing 40 percent of its size to reduce shipping costs.


The Posiflex TX multipurpose controller is an ultra‐small‐footprint industrial PC with Wi‐Fi that can control a variety of configurations for retail and hospitality environments. This fanless and ventless controller can be mounted under the counter or on the wall to drive digital signage, kitchen control configurations, surveillance systems, point‐of‐purchase displays, point‐of‐sale and service, vending, or kiosk applications.


“Posiflex at the Retail Solutions Providers Association 2013 Conference is providing a window into our future development plans to garner North American feedback of our innovative touch screen terminal solutions from our customers, channel, and technology partners,” says Doyle Ledford, vice president of sales for Posiflex. “By listening to the marketplace prior to the product’s full release, we can assure our customer and channel needs are addressed to provide the right products at the right time."

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