More than 15 million Potbelly Sandwich Shop Perks are up for grabs this week (Monday August 19 through Sunday August 25) during Potbelly’s Annual Week of Perks, as they celebrate crossing the 1.5 million Perks members milestone.

  • 3 million free sandwiches, which would literally stack up to roughly 1,600 Empire State Buildings
  • 1.5 million free cookies, enough cookies for the entire population of Philadelphia
  • 1.5 million shake deals—that’s 200,000 gallons of ice cream being scooped by hand to make this amount of shakes

And that’s just a sampling of all of the deals the sandwich shop will be offering throughout the week. Fans will have to check their Potbelly app and email each day to see what deal they might be able to score next.

During Potbelly’s Week of Perks, a new daily deal will be delivered to Perks members’ app and email each and every day. Giveaways include Potbelly’s famous sandwiches, shakes, cookies, and more for the potential to give away more than 3 million sandwiches and cookies and 7.5 million extra Potbelly Perks Loyalty smiles and so much more throughout the week.

Daily deals mean daily reasons to come in, enjoy toasty sandwiches and tempting treats, and collect loyalty Smiles. As part of our ongoing Summer of Perks promo, Perks members get $5 credit for every 25 Smiles they collect on purchases through August 30. This week’s a perfect chance to nibble your way closer to $5 credit.

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