Potbelly Corporation announced today the introduction of its new website and app, a key pillar of the company’s ‘Traffic-Driven’ Profitability Strategic focus. Both have been designed to elevate the brand position and digital Potbelly experience, bringing the good vibes of visiting a shop to the digital space. A quicker, easier ordering system, crave-worthy photography, and enhanced Perks program customization are just the tip of the toasty sandwich. To celebrate, Potbelly is giving all existing Perks members a free cookie and all new Perks members a free hand-dipped shake.

“During the pandemic we saw customer behavior shift to online ordering and quickly made the decision to invest in our digital platforms to improve the customer experience and position ourselves for continued growth,” says Jeff Douglas, chief information officer at Potbelly. “With 92 percent of Americans planning to continue to order online after the pandemic, it’s critical that our digital channels serve them in an efficient, fast and frictionless manner, which is aligned with our brand values and customer experience. Our investment in digital technology has proven to be vital to the success of our business and the solutions we’re deploying this month enhance our loyal customer’s experience and position the business for sustained future growth. This is a fantastic time for Potbelly and all of our Potbelly fans!”

The newly improved web and app experiences focus on convenience with faster performance, easy customization, and simplified re-order options like the new “give me the usual” capability. In addition, Potbelly added its catering menu to the app, allowing on the go customers the ability to order toasty sandwiches, salads and soups for a group of any size.

Potbelly’s newly upgraded-technology platforms also improve the customer experience with real-time offers and content capabilities. The move to a single-vendor solution simplifies the environment and integration with third-party delivery platforms. By streamlining the ordering and loyalty processes, Potbelly can drive more transactions and more effectively communicate with its customers.

The continued investment in digital channels pushes Potbelly to the forefront of user experience in the restaurant industry, and will be managed with a continuous improvement mindset moving forward. For example, Potbelly is already testing future enhancements including “light” or “heavy” toppings and an improved curbside pickup in select shops.

For users that enable automatic updates, the transition to the new mobile app will be seamless as they will only need to update their password. Customers who do not have automatic updates enabled will need to update the app manually.

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