June is National Turkey Lovers’ Month, and whether you’re looking for a fun summer fling or a committed relationship, Potbelly Sandwich Shop makes it easy for turkey lovers everywhere to find exactly what they crave with a variety of warm, toasty, edible bachelors.

Now’s the time to take your mom’s advice and give the online match game a try. Potbelly Perks members automatically receive $2 off the turkey mate of their choosing between June 22 and June 24. For the stubborn romantics looking for love the old-fashioned way, stop into your local Potbelly shop during that same time and receive $1 off your turkey temptress when you say a sweet “Turkey Tender” to the Potbelly cashier at checkout.

The warm, toasty, edible bachelors available for this offer include:

  • Turkey Club: The newest bro on the block hales from Saratoga with his squad: bacon and cheddar cheese. You can catch him cruising the East Coast on his yacht, sipping a bourbon at the country club or crushing it at the gym.
  • Turkey Breast: The boy next door who everyone loves is the perfect type to bring home to meet the family. Always palling around with his classic companion, Swiss cheese, he enjoys long walks on the beach, foot rubs and talking about his feelings.
  • TKY: Don’t overlook the scrawny guy in the next cubicle. The younger brother of the Turkey Breast sandwich, the TKY proves big flavor comes in skinny packages. Find him at comic conventions, reading a good book or downvoting trolls on Reddit.

All of the Potbelly turkey bachelors can be customized just the way you like them.

Potbelly Sandwich Shop knows it’s all about the lovin’ in the oven – but for those who insist size matters, the offer is good for BIGS, ORIGINALS, FLATS and SKINNYS sandwiches. And no one likes a two-timer – this offer is available one per customer at participating shops June 22-June 24. Customers must have enrolled in Potbelly Perks by June 20 to redeem $2 off. Find your local shop here.

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