DTT Surveillance and Potbelly Sandwich Works signed an agreement that names DTT as the preferred surveillance vendor for the Potbelly concept. 

Potbelly currently operates 200 stores throughout various cities across the U.S.and continues to expand into new regional markets. DTT’s high-quality video surveillance technology and auditing services will provide these owners with actionable operational information and analytical tools that will help them manage their locations more effectively and profitably. 

Over the past few months, DTT has secured strong relationships with several restaurant chains. 

“We are really pleased to be selected by Potbelly for this multi-year agreement,” says Thomas Moran, executive vice president with DTT. “Potbelly has been consistently growing their brand for over 30 years. 

“By standardizing on DTT surveillance and loss prevention services, Potbelly will have additional tools to maintain the high quality of its brand.”

“We’re excited about the partnership and look forward to enhancing the safety and security of our people and their assets,” says Joe Panozzo, manager of reporting, safety, and compliance at Potbelly. 

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