When it comes to sandwiches, consumers make it clear—there’s a new fan-favorite meat they crave. Studies show that turkey is quickly growing as the preferred lunch protein, and Potbelly Sandwich Shop is offering fresh and modern takes on the classic turkey sandwich.

This month, the popular sandwich shop will introduce the Turkey Club, the second turkey innovation from the company this year. Made with all-natural, hand-pulled and slow-roasted white meat turkey, the limited-time Turkey Club is made with bacon and melted cheddar cheese on toasty warm bread with the customer’s choice of toppings.

“Turkey is significantly growing in popularity, and we know our customers want a variety of turkey sandwich options to choose from,” says Mary Laube-Gale, Senior Director of Menu Innovation, Calendar Planning & Brand Insights. “We’ve had a lot of fun creating new, craveable combinations that will make our customers really happy.”

In March, Potbelly also debuted the Turkey Fresco, an all-natural, hand-pulled and slow-roasted white meat turkey sandwich with basil mayo, roasted red peppers and fresh spinach. Initially available only for a limited time, the Turkey Fresco has been incredibly popular, leading company-owned shops to extend the availability of the Turkey Fresco sandwich.

Both the Turkey Club and Turkey Fresco sandwiches are new innovations offering tasty variations to the popular Turkey Breast sandwich. The classic Turkey Breast option is one of the top two best-selling sandwiches from Potbelly of all time – with hand-sliced turkey breast and melted Swiss cheese on warm, toasty bread with the customer’s choice of toppings. Potbelly Shops nationwide also feature the T-K-Y – the same delicious combination of the classic Turkey Breast, featuring a lighter portion of meat and cheese. All Potbelly sandwiches, including the classic Turkey Breast and T-K-Y, can be topped just the way you like it.

Citrus flavors are one of the most in-demand dessert trends in 2017, and just in time for summer, Potbelly is bringing back the wildly popular Frozen Raspberry Lemonade. Raspberry sherbet and Nantucket Nectars® lemonade are blended together for a flavorful and refreshing summer drink. As with any Potbelly shake or smoothie, Frozen Raspberry Lemonade comes with two butter cookies on the straw for an added treat.

“Our customers love the deliciously sweet and tangy combination of the Frozen Raspberry Lemonade,” Laube-Gale says. “There’s nothing like a frozen treat on a hot summer day, and we are excited to welcome back this fun summer drink to our lineup of shakes and smoothies.”

Both the Turkey Club and Frozen Raspberry Lemonade are available at shops nationwide from now through September 25. Contact your local Potbelly shop to confirm Turkey Fresco availability.

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