Powerhouse+Co., a creative public relations agency specializing in brand storytelling, media relations, social media and influencer programs, has announced a new evolution of its brand.  The rollout signals a proud moment for the acclaimed agency – formerly known as Powerhouse Communications – as it celebrates a long and growing list of client partnerships and award-winning agency support of client objectives with a fresh and modern incarnation of its name, logo, website and overall agency persona.

“Throughout this rewarding endeavor to revamp our identity, we dug into the soul of the agency, and our new brand is a picture of what we saw when we looked in the mirror.  But the image we have captured through this brand transformation is so much more than just the reflection in the glass – it includes our meaningful client partnerships and the collaborative spirit that guides our mission to bring client identities to life and amplify their impact,” says Kristin Daher, CEO of Powerhouse+Co. “Short for ‘and company,’ the ‘+Co.’ in Powerhouse+Co. represents strength in numbers and our core belief in the value of teamwork, which is a concept we wanted to highlight in our new name since it’s so deeply ingrained in our agency DNA.”

Complementing its new name, Powerhouse+Co. also debuted a new and vibrant agency logo that graphically embodies the firm’s multidimensional service menu – distilled down to one colorful and evocative icon.  Created with warm tones that underscore its affable company personality, Powerhouse+Co.’s fingerprint design symbolizes agency work that helps clients to stand out and be seen by establishing and showcasing their unique identities.  For centuries, the fingerprint has universally represented individuality, and it is a natural and authentic visual depiction of the new Powerhouse+Co. brand.

A critical addition to the new Powerhouse+Co. brand toolbox, a modern website – purposefully replete with upbeat and engaging videos fitting today’s content-driven digital landscape – is an online company showcase and virtual destination for anyone in search of more information about the agency.  Target web audiences include prospective clients seeking a deeper understanding of Powerhouse+Co.’s results-driven business partnerships and curious communications practitioners interested in exploring the agency’s best-in-class culture.

“When I established the firm eight years ago, I knew there would be many chapters in the company story, and I’m excited for the start of a new one as we launch Powerhouse+Co. and initiate the rebranding of an agency narrative that continues to be written,” adds Daher. “The intentionality of our new brand identity adds an important layer of depth and self-awareness to the agency, and every client, team member, partner, vendor and affiliate that’s in our ‘Co.’ can expect to be part of a collaborative organization that’s unquestionably stronger together and greater than the sum of its parts.”

With longstanding experience supporting a deep client roster spanning many industries, including restaurant, franchise, CPG, consumer tech, and health and fitness, Powerhouse+Co. conceptualizes and implements award-winning strategic communications campaigns and other value-added initiatives for national, regional and local brands.  Powerhouse+Co. understands how to remain relevant in a competitive marketplace because seasoned agency practitioners understand the unique challenges and opportunities presented within crowded industries.

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