Industry News | November 18, 2012

PreGel America Promotes Anna Pata, Intros Evolution Glazes

PreGel AMERICA, the U.S. subsidiary of the largest specialty dessert ingredient manufacturer in the world, announces the promotion of Anna Pata, formerly key account manager, to director of sales.

“Naming Anna Pata as our director of sales was a natural fit for the organization,” says Marco Casol, CEO & president of PreGel AMERICA. “Her organic growth within the company has positioned her well to bring a wealth of knowledge, organization and innovation to our sales structure.”
Pata’s portfolio of work includes extensive experience in hospitality and customer relations previous to her move to PreGel AMERICA in 2005. Pata began her career with PreGel as the regional sales representative for the Central Region. Shortly thereafter she transferred to the East Coast and was later elevated to East Coast sales manager.
In 2008, Pata took the helm of key accounts, where she led the department in identifying and securing relationships with key clients in the specified markets of franchise restaurants, hotels, universities, cruise lines, high-yield bakeries, and groceries nationwide. Under her direction, this new division was able to significantly increase the company’s overall billings and gain top clients including Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Progressive Grocer magazine’s retailer of the year Harris Teeter, and top frozen yogurt and ice cream chains. In her new position as director of sales, Pata is responsible for overseeing national sales, inside sales and customer service, and the key accounts team. 
“Having experienced every level of sales within PreGel AMERICA, I have come to understand the innate needs of our customers, as well as the challenges our sales representatives experience,” explains Pata. “This new opportunity is a challenge I welcome and one I plan on pouring my energies into to evolve and foster success for our entire sales organization.”
Pata will begin her duties as director of sales effective immediately. As a part of this new position and restructure, Jack Duke, former Central Region sales supervisor, has been named the national sales manager and will report directly to Pata. The company is currently seeking a key accounts manager to replace Pata’s former position. 
PreGel AMERICA is also excited to announce new Evolution Glazes for coating cakes, mousses, semifreddo or single-serve desserts, and Greek Yogurt Super Sprint for soft serve or traditional gelato. The new products are the latest from the research & development labs in PreGel and are on-trend with the industry’s demand for efficient, easily customizable and gourmet dessert solutions.  
PreGel’s Evolution Glazes are available in seven flavors and provide a touch of flavor and brilliant sheen to desserts, and are very easy to apply. The variety of glazes allow for more options and opportunity for dessert makers to create with, and solve an ongoing industry problem of finding a well-balanced dessert coating. Flavors include: 
Caramel - This high quality glaze offers a smooth, brown finish in addition to a sweet caramelized sugar flavor that is a subtle complement to finished desserts. 
Orange - Offering both the vivacious color and flavor of oranges, the gentle taste and glossy glaze pairs well with a variety of desserts.
Raspberry - With a crystal-like shine, this glaze’s magnificent raspberry color and soft fruit flavor excites the senses.
White Chocolate - Smooth and creamy white chocolate lends a classic, sophisticated look and satisfying taste for the ultimate pastry presentation.
Strawberry - Beautifully bright and seedless; the truest essence of sweet strawberries is unmistakable in this ground-breaking recipe.
Lemon - The true zest of lemon is captured in this shiny dessert coating, adding not only a vibrant yellow hue but a delicious touch of flavor.
Pistachio - With a beautiful green shine, Pistachio Evolution Glaze delicately coats desserts with its brilliant flavor in this cutting-edge creation.
On trend with the current Greek yogurt phenomenon, PreGel’s new Greek Yogurt Super Sprint is a ready-to-use powdered mix that only requires the addition of milk to provide fresh-made soft serve frozen yogurt or traditional gelato. The flavor’s authenticity showcases why PreGel continues to be a top ingredient supplier in the world of frozen yogurt. Notable of both Greek Yogurt and Evolution Glazes are their ability to offer customized solutions in addition to their standard uses. PreGel’s Greek Yogurt Super Sprint can be mixed with any of the company’s Traditional Pastes or Fortefruttos to create a signature flavor and the versatility of the Evolution Glazes opens them up to a number of applications.
Though not new, PreGel’s existing Arabeschi line of toppings and fillings also hits the mark regarding dessert customization. The wide array of options include selectively sourced chocolate, nut and fruit varieties, and adds aesthetic appeal and flavor-enhancing textural components for frozen desserts, pastries and savory applications. Widely popular are the company’s Krocco Milk and Krocco Peanut, which contain crispy rice cereals in a milk chocolate or peanut sauce. 
“Our customers are looking for exciting flavors, toppings, textural components and elements of presentation that add that special touch to their desserts,” says Jillian Hillard, marketing manager, PreGel AMERICA. “We work closely with them to not only provide creative products but to innovate and develop the proper applications for them to use these new products. 
All of PreGel’s specialty dessert ingredients offer a shelf-life of three years from the date of production, making them optimal for safe, long-term, multifunctional use. Greek Yogurt Super Sprint and Evolution Glazes are available for sampling and the company is already developing recipes to accompany them.

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