Orange Leaf is taking full advantage of the demand for off-premises food by putting a strong focus on catering and mobile delivery over the past year. This year, Orange Leaf is up 68 percent in off-premises sales compared to 2018. Strategies to expand their online catering presence, get into schools, and elevate third-party delivery partnerships have been a driving force for this increase.

Orange Leaf’s catering opportunities range from simple delivery packs using their Pop-Up Party Box to full-service froyo pop-up shops. The Pop-Up Party Box is designed to make catering a simple set-up. It brings the self-serve froyo experience anywhere, anytime. “We’re focused on truly making life sweeter for any occasion whether big or small,” says president and COO, Kendall Ware. “The focus on off-premises has pushed us to be in our communities more to celebrate all occasions with our Guests.” 

Additionally, two major partnerships have been influential in increasing catering opportunities for Orange Leaf stores—ezCater and the Alliance for a Healthier Generation Smart Snacks Program.

At the end of 2018, Orange Leaf partnered with ezCater to support the off-premises initiative and to date, a majority of Orange Leaf locations now have their own page via ezCater to accept online orders. Orange Leaf has a web page on that serves to drive traffic to each store’s ezcater page and educate Guests on the different catering opportunities available.

The partnership with Alliance for a Healthier Generation for Smart Snacks took off early last year in response to Franchisee requests for more opportunities to be in schools. Smarts Snacks are a national nutrition standard for foods and beverages sold outside of the school lunch program. Orange Leaf now offers over 17 Smart Snack approved froyo flavors as well as 8 approved smoothies. These products are now listed on the Healthier Generation online tool, Smart Food Planner.

“These partnerships have been crucial to our off-premises success over the last year,” says Kendall. “Also building stronger relationships with the major players for Mobile Delivery—UberEats, DoorDash, GrubHub, Postmates, and Favor—has allowed us to develop a strong mobile delivery strategy. Mobile Delivery continues to show incremental growth, but in some markets, it’s taking off driving over $40,000/year in additional revenue. Our goal is to continue supporting our franchisees through this evolving guest journey and focus additional marketing efforts around driving more off-premises sales to make life sweeter.”

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