Pressed Rolls Out No-Fee Subscription Model

    Industry News | February 3, 2022

    The start of the New Year means everyone is looking for small ways they can incorporate healthy alternatives into their everyday routine. Pressed, a leader in providing cold-pressed juice and plant-based treats across the country, knows the struggle with incorporating these small steps into your daily routine so that’s why they’re making it even easier and more affordable for their fans to stick to their new routines.  

    Pressed is rolling out a no-fee subscription-based model for VIP members that is affordable, accessible, and delicious. Here’s how it works: 

    • Consumers can sign up to automatically receive their monthly VIP membership routine two ways (expert tip: there’s no waiting period, fees, or having to earn points to hit VIP membership status):
      • Make it a Routine: Commit to a recurring order of your favorite Pressed essentials and get our best savings every time. Just shop the items you regularly need and select “Recurring” at checkout
      • Mix It Up Each Month: If you want more flexibility with your order but still want our most exclusive pricing, consumers who sign up for VIP pricing and commit to spending at least $10 per month will unlock exclusive pricing to help stay on your new routine without added subscription fees
    • Fans can cancel VIP pricing at any time, so they’re not locked in for a whole year if something happens to interrupt their routine
    • Another added bonus is that Pressed fulfills all subscriptions locally. So if you are near a Pressed location, you receive your order in less than two hours vs. most subscription programs that have longer shipping wait times
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