Pretzelmaker/Pretzel Time announced today that the company is adding a twist to its lineup of blended drinks and adding two new popular flavors for 2010 – Mango Madness and Power Pomegranate. In addition to introducing the new flavors, Pretzelmaker has renamed all of its current flavors as part of a system-wide effort to feature the blended drink category in stores.

Mango Madness and Power Pomegranate join four existing flavors highlighted during the Mind Blending Flavors celebration: Strawberry Bananza, Rockin’ Raspberry, Cool Cappuccino, and Mocha Mania. The promotion is supported by NexCen Franchise Management Inc., a subsidiary of NexCen Brands Inc.

“We’re excited to be able to offer new and exciting beverages that both appeal to our customers and compliment our wide variety of pretzel snacks,” says Jenn Johnston, senior vice president of brand marketing for NexCen Franchise Management. “Mango and pomegranate are up and coming flavors with consumers and are natural additions to our blended drink product line.”

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