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    Project Juice Brings Back Watermelon Berry for Summer

  • Industry News May 25, 2018

    Project Juice brings back the iconic Watermelon Berry blend for summer, this year adding its first Watermelon Berry bowl, available in-store now. Beat the heat and get creative with this delicious blend of nutritious seasonal produce, boasting the best of summer fruit harvest.

    Watermelon Berry bursts with as many health benefits as refreshing flavors, thanks to the mouth-watering, 100 percent organic ingredients:

    Watermelon: Deliciously hydrating, antioxidant rich watermelon flushes toxins and relieves muscle aches and pains from your beach-body workouts.

    Strawberry: Strawberries are not only anti-carcinogenic but can help lower blood pressure and are chock full of body-loving vitamins, (especially vitamin C).

    Green Apple: Sweet-yet-tart green apple is a metabolism booster and fiber rich detoxifier, containing several powerful vitamins and minerals.

    Young Coconut Water: Flush the bloat with nature’s energy drink: young coconut water; it is low in sodium and sugar, and rich in electrolytes, essential minerals and anti-inflammatory tannins.

    Lime: This blast of citrus supports liver function, aids in digestion and rounds of the sweetness of the blend without the blood sugar spike.

    “We’re excited to bring back Watermelon Berry for all our customers, and also to morph it into an awesome new Watermelon Berry Bowl for guests at our locations in California,” says Project Juice co-founder, Marra St. Clair. “It’s a major hydration boost for the hotter days and is the quintessential taste of summer in a bottle and bowl.” 

    The first Watermelon Berry bowl is available at select locations in San Francisco, Berkeley, Laguna Beach and San Diego, Calif. Strawberries, banana, coconut meat, dates, and almond butter is blended with Watermelon Berry as its liquid base. Top that off with a superfood topping for a healthy summer in a bowl.

    Watermelon Berry also creates for hosting bliss, with a myriad of opportunities for cocktails and treats that can be served as summer treats. The following Watermelon Berry signature cocktails and other inspired summer treats compliment everyone’s summer cocktail menu:

    Watermelon Cooler: Simply add 1.5 ounces premium vodka to four ounces Watermelon Berry (that’s just more than three drinks per bottle!) for a simple cocktail that is hydrating, tasty and the perfect drink for an outdoor BBQ.

    Watermelon-Lime “Arnold Palmer”: A fresh twist on the summer classic, substituting 8 ounces Watermelon Berry and fresh lime juice for lemonade. Combine with 8 ounces sweet tea and serve over ice with fresh mint. Hydrates 6-8. Spike with vodka around the 5 o’clock hour.

    Spicy Watermelon Margarita: In a shaker, Combine 1 ounce of silver tequila with 5 ounces Watermelon Berry and one ounce of fresh lime juice with one thinly sliced piece of jalapeno. Shake until combined and pour into a chili/sugar/salt rimmed glass and garnish with a small wedge of watermelon. (Raw agave can be added for more sweetness.) One bottle makes three margaritas.

    Watermelon Mojito: Mash 1½ ounces simple syrup into a dozen mint leaves, add ice, and stir 4 ounces Watermelon Berry with clear rum to taste. Makes 3-4 libations.

    Watermelon Cream Pie: Fun alternative to Key Lime. Whisk 5 cups of heated Watermelon Berry with 4 packs of unflavored gelatin plus 1 cup sugar until dissolved, pour into prepared pie crust, set in refrigerator overnight and top with whipped cream of your choice. Serves 8-10 sweet-teeth.

    Watermelon Berry Popsicles: Blend 8 ounces Watermelon Berry with 1 ½ cups fresh strawberries and pour concoction into ice pop tray and freeze. Delights 4.

    Inventive mixologists and home-chefs will also be invited to share their own Watermelon Berry-based creations on Instagram. Get creative and tag @ProjectJuice with your best recipe for a chance to be featured.

    The sneakily nutritious, indulgent Watermelon Berry blend will be available at Project Juice’s retail locations in Northern and Southern California starting May 22, as well as a part of Project Juice’s custom juice packs. Watermelon Berry bowls will be available at locations that offer made-to-order food items in the San Francisco Bay Area, Laguna Beach and San Diego.

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