Protect-All Flooring introduced Protect-All Designer Series, a new line of decorative flooring solutions for commercial applications. This new flooring system features a solid base color with varying accent colors speckled throughout, and was designed to bridge the gap between functionality and aesthetic appeal. Protect-All Designer Series is currently available in three color schemes: Cityscape, Graphite and, Northern Lights.

Protect-All Designer Series is designed to withstand high-traffic areas without showing wear, and features an easy application for installers that are familiar with Protect-All. This new system is available in varying sheet sizes and thicknesses, interlocking and square tiles as well as 1/8” Rolls.

“Our mission at Protect-All is to provide our customers with the best commercial flooring solutions and service,” explained Jerry Lee, National Sales Manager. “We are excited to enter 2020 in style with the launch of Protect-All Designer Series. This new line will open up new application opportunities and create a new look for Protect-All.”

To learn more about Protect-All Designer Series, contact the Protect-All Sales Team at 800-544-9538, or by email at