Following a successful pilot program in 2022, Protein Bar & Kitchen has launched a new dedicated vegan menu featuring Abbot’s Butcher plant-based Chopped Chick’n. The fast casual, health-forward Chicago area restaurant chain will feature Abbot’s premium Chick’n in seven curated vegan dishes in addition to offering as a protein option in any menu item. The collaboration will extend to third-party food delivery platforms such as DoorDash and Uber Eats, presented as Plant- Based Protein Bar & Kitchen with Abbot’s Butcher.

“We are thrilled at the success of the pilot program and excited to offer our plant-based Chick’n to all Protein Bar & Kitchen customers on a permanent basis,” says Abbot’s Butcher founder and CEO, Kerry Song. “We believe food should be delicious as well as nourishing, and the mouthwatering lineup of plant-based menu items made with Abbot’s Butcher’s Chick’n checks both boxes. From the Greener Goddess Salad to the Chick’n Tinga Bowl, this new menu can satisfy every craving with wholesome ingredients customers can trust.”

In addition to Abbot’s Butcher’s tender Chopped Chick’n, each unique plant-based bowl and salad is crafted with hearty grains, fresh greens, colorful vegetables, and Protein Bar & Kitchen’s delicious dressings and sauces (see the menu below). Abbot’s Butcher Chopped Chick’n is crafted with 100 percent real ingredients including non-GMO, glyphosate-free pea protein; vegetables, herbs and spices, and extra virgin olive oil. It is the only plant- based meat free of gluten, soy, natural and artificial flavors, preservatives, and canola oil.

“Protein Bar & Kitchen’s mission is to serve food and beverage that is delicious, nutritious, and protein-packed – with an emphasis on delicious,” adds Jeff Drake, president, and CEO of Protein Bar & Kitchen. “With Abbot’s Butcher, we can offer guests plant-based Chick’n as a protein option that absolutely tastes great but is also a clean label full of healthful ingredients.”

Dishes Include:

Spicy Chick’n Bowl + Bar-rito

Abbot’s Butcher Chopped Chick’n, black beans, PBK guac, salsa, organic quinoa and spicy chia dressing with lime wedge

Buffalo Chick’n Bowl + Bar-rito

Abbot’s Butcher Chopped Chick’n, buffalo sauce, celery, organic rainbow carrots, quinoa, chia drizzle and parsley

Chick’n Verde Salad + Wrap

Abbot’s Butcher Chopped Chick’n, black beans, grape tomatoes, organic rainbow carrots, corn, PBK guac and quinoa

Chick’n & Roasted Vegetables

Abbot’s Butcher Chopped Chick’n, roasted butternut squash and brussels sprouts, spinach, riced cauliflower, balsamic vinaigrette, and microgreens

Chick’n Tinga Bowl + Bar-rito

Abbot’s Butcher Chopped Chick’n, PBK guac, corn and black bean salsa, plant-based feta, pickled red onion, quinoa, adobo sauce and microgreens

Vegan Harvest Salad + Wrap

Abbot’s Butcher Chopped Chick’n, plant-based feta, roasted butternut squash and brussels sprouts, apple, pickled red onion, quinoa, green onion and balsamic vinaigrette

Greener Goddess Salad + Wrap

Abbot’s Butcher Chopped Chick’n, plant-based feta mushrooms, organic rainbow carrots, chickpeas, shredded brussels sprouts, green onion, and green goddess dressing

Protein Bar & Kitchen is the first restaurant to carry Abbot’s Chopped Chick’n. This product and Abbot’s two other items—plant-based “Chorizo” and Ground “Beef”—are

also available in regional retailers such as Fresh Thyme, The Fresh Market, and Natural Grocers, as well as select Whole Foods and independent retailers nationwide.

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