Qarrot Performance announced the launch of its new, free employee incentive software solution for independent businesses, retailers, and quick service restaurant operators. Qarrot’s Free Starter Account is cloud-based and available to businesses located in the United States and Canada.

Aimed at helping business owners and their managers motivate and reward front-line employees for improved performance, Qarrot is feature-packed, accessible on both desktop and mobile, and easy to use.

“Qarrot makes motivating employee performance much easier for independent businesses,” says Aaron Carr, CEO. “For example, our QSR customers use Qarrot to create employee incentives for achieving product sales targets or for improving operational metrics like faster drive-thru service times.”

Qarrot’s Free Starter Account also makes employee recognition more affordable; customers only pay for the Qarrots they buy as incentives. Qarrots are rewards points that can be redeemed for e-gift cards from leading retail brands.

“Employees love earning Qarrots for their achievements, because they can redeem them for so many different types of digital gift cards,” Carr says. “And our customers appreciate the flexibility they have with the Free Starter Account; they only buy as many Qarrots as they need for their incentive campaigns.”

With the Free Starter Account, customers have no limits on the on the number of business locations they can add, the number of employees they can register, or the number of incentive campaigns they can run. Plus, all Qarrot accounts include our proprietary campaign builder tool, the ability to create custom prizes for incentive campaigns, a messaging tool to engage employees, access to e-gift cards from leading brands and much more.

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