This summer, Qdoba Mexican Grill is spicing up its seasonal Mango offering with the introduction of the new sweet-meets-heat flavor of Mango Mojo. Mango Mojo is a combination of sweet mangos infused with the spice of chili peppers.

Guests can experience the sweet heat of Mango Mojo through Qdoba’s three new summer menu items, the Mango Mojo Burrito, the Mango Mojo Salad, and the Mango Mojo Trio, featuring Mango Salsa, 3-Cheese Queso, and Guacamole served with handmade chips drizzled with the spicy-sweet Mojo Sauce.

The Spicy Mango Salsa starts with sweet-diced mango and brings the heat with diced jalapeños and a spicy diablo kick. The new Mojo Sauce is made with spicy and slightly sweet red chili sauce, while the Mango Mojo Sauce adds diced mangos to the Mojo Sauce base.

“This summer, we’re bringing a whole lot of mojo to Qdoba with our new Mango Mojo,” says John Cooke, vice president of menu strategy and innovation at Qdoba. “Mango Mojo brings a little attitude to our seasonal summer favorite and just the right blend of sweet and heat to our new Mango Mojo Burrito, Salad, and Trio. It’s an unexpected and irresistible flavor combination we’re confident our guests will love.”

While the brand is expanding its seasonal mango offerings with the new Mango Mojo menu items, the classic Mango Salad and Mango Salsa are still available at the same participating Qdoba locations.

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