Qdoba Mexican Grill kicks off summer early with the return of its popular, limited-time Mango Salad. The Mango Salad will be available in all restaurants starting May 6, while supplies last.

Qdoba’s Mango Salad features mango salsa, which is packed with a combination of mangos, cucumbers, and red bell peppers, served over a bed of romaine lettuce and drizzled with a cilantro-lime vinaigrette dressing. The fan favorite is a vegetarian entrée option that also pairs well with Qdoba’s signature adobo marinated grilled chicken for those who want to add more protein.  

“Our guests love our Mango Salad, and as soon as the weather starts warming up, they begin asking when it will be back on the menu,” says Ted Stoner, head chef and director of strategic product development at Qdoba Mexican Grill. “The enthusiasm we see for our Mango Salad inspires us to bring it back each year. Mangos are a traditional Mexican fruit and can be found in a variety of dishes throughout the Yucatan peninsula and all the way up the Pacific coast to Mazatlan. Qdoba only uses mangos that are at their peak of freshness and sweetness, from approximately May through the summer months. As a result, the Mango Salad is only available for a limited time, so guests will have to hurry to ensure they don’t miss out on this summer favorite.”

In addition to bringing a favorite summer flavor to Qdoba’s menu, mangos also offer a variety of health benefits. Mangos are naturally rich in: phenols, a cancer-fighting antioxidant compound; iron, which improves immunity, boosts energy, and prevents/treats anemia; vitamins A, E, and Selenium, which protects against heart disease; and vitamin C, which protects against immune system deficiencies, cardiovascular disease, prenatal health problems, eye disease, and more.

As with all of Qdoba’s menu items, diners can choose to customize the Mango Salad to fit their specific taste or diet preferences. For instance, guests can order Qdoba’s Mango Salad naked (without the tortilla bowl) and skip the cheese and sour cream to enjoy a healthier lunch or dinner that includes protein and fiber but is low in calories.

Qdoba’s Craft 2 menu, which invites guests to mix and match smaller-sized portions of Qdoba’s most popular items, will also include the Mango Salad for a limited time. Plus, guests who may love mangos but not necessarily salads can add Qdoba’s Mango Salsa to their favorite burrito, taco, or nachos order.

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